5 Tips for Keeping Pavement Maintenance Costs Low

5 Tips for Keeping Pavement Maintenance Costs Low

Pavement maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your parking lot and sidewalks looking great year-round.

Pavement maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your parking lot and sidewalks looking great year-round. However, pavement maintenance costs can quickly add up if you aren’t paying attention. With a little bit of elbow grease and monitoring of your lot, you can keep pavement maintenance costs low.

Be Proactive

One of the simplest ways to spend a fortune on pavement maintenance costs is by only reacting to problems and not taking any steps to prevent them. By performing regular preventative maintenance on your pavement, you can stop problems from ever occurring and prevent small issues from becoming massive ones. Plan ahead for bigger and more expensive projects so that you have the money set aside for maintenance costs in advance.

Budget for Major Repairs

Like we said above, you need a budget for bigger pavement repairs. If you know that a lot will need major repairs in a year, start setting aside funds for those pavement maintenance costs now. This will help you to have money set aside for the actual project itself and potentially free up more of your maintenance budget to pay for the inevitable surprise repairs and issues.

Use Scalable Pricing

Do you have multiple locations whose pavement you need to maintain? Make sure that your pavement maintenance costs are scalable as well. You will need to pay for maintenance at each property, so consider working with a single company to maintain all of them. Many pavement repair companies will allow you to a pay a slightly less expensive rate for giving them such a large amount of business.

Have a Single Point of Contact

If you use multiple paving providers for your pavement maintenance costs, investigate consolidating your providers into one. Even if you already have a single provider but have multiple workers within it you contact to get updates on your property, ask if you could work with one person instead. That will allow for greater and clearer communication.

Cut Out Unexpected Costs

Unexpected costs are obviously just that—unexpected, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t drastically reduce their incidence with a good quality preventative maintenance plan. Work with your pavement maintenance company to develop a year-long preventative maintenance plan and you will experience an immediate drop in your pavement maintenance costs.

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