Keep Your Concrete Driveway Looking Great This Summer!


Keep Your Concrete Driveway Looking Great This Summer!

. When properly cared for, your concrete driveway will stay with you for many, many years.

Concrete is a great driveway material. When properly cared for, your concrete driveway will stay with you for many, many years. Caring for your driveway is very simple, and as long as you keep it well-maintained, you will avoid big headaches. Follow these easy tips to maintain your driveway this summer.

Keep it Clean

How often your driveway needs to be cleaned will depend on how much traffic it gets and how many pollutants are in the air. The easiest way to clean up is to sweep your driveway regularly. If you notice that sweeping doesn’t seem to be getting the job done anymore, it might be time to pressure wash it.

If you would like to attempt to pressure wash it yourself, you can rent a pressure washer and do it. Be very careful to follow all instructions exactly. You can also hire a professional who will come and pressure wash for you. Doing this every couple of months is usually sufficient.

Re-Seal Whenever Necessary

Concrete is naturally very porous. Concrete sealers will protect the surface of your driveway from any moisture and delay weathering. Over time, this will wear down due to effects of use and exposure to the elements so you will need to re-seal to keep it protected. Usually, re-sealing every 3-5 years is enough but if your driveway gets a whole lot of use you may need to do it a bit more often.

Get Rid of Stains as Soon as You Notice Them

Avoid doing vehicle maintenance on your concrete driveway. When these chemicals drip or spill, they create big unsightly stains. If you notice that something has spilled on your driveway, clean it up right away. Use an absorbent substance, such as kitty litter, sawdust, or cornmeal to absorb any chemical that may be on the surface. You can get rid of any residual marks by scrubbing at the spot with soap and water. There are also a number of commercial concrete cleaners you can just pick up at your local hardware store.

Concrete Driveway Sealing from Tristate Paving

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