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Getting Ready for Halloween: To Repair or Replace Concrete?

Friday, October 13th, 2017
Getting Ready for Halloween: To Repair or Replace Concrete?

The time to repair or replace your concrete is now, before trick-or-treaters appear!

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means packs of small children roaming about your property trick-or-treating in their scariest and silliest costumes. Before you start purchasing candy and preparing for the event, consider the state of your property’s parking lot or sidewalks. Does your concrete have potholes, cracks, or other damage on the surface? The time to repair or replace your concrete is now, before trick-or-treaters appear! (more…)

Concrete Driveway Cracks: Causes and Solutions

Friday, May 27th, 2016
concrete driveway cracked

Whether you require concrete driveway repair or asphalt maintenance, a little know how goes a long way.

While your asphalt or concrete driveway may seem virtually indestructible, you would be hard pressed to find any material that lasts forever, especially without the proper care. Whether you require concrete driveway repair or asphalt maintenance, a little know how goes a long way. Read on to learn more about why cracks form in these surfaces and how to best prevent and repair them.


How To Keep Your Delaware Driveway from Cracking

Friday, October 16th, 2015
concrete, asphalt, driveway

Have you got cracks in your concrete or asphalt?

The last thing you want to see going into the cooler months of the year is a crack in your driveway. Don’t think you can ignore it until next spring – wet weather and fluctuating temperatures will turn even the smallest crack into a major nightmare! So, how do you prevent cracks in your driveway? Read on to find out! (more…)

Asphalt, Concrete, and Masonry Work from Tristate Paving

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


Setting the standard in paving and construction throughout the Tristate area for more than 40 years, Tristate paving is here with the best in paving, concrete, and masonry work. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s active every day of the week building a better future for you. Our master stone masons and experienced work crews have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to make any asphalt, concrete, or masonry work an easy and affordable experience. We offer:

Superior Asphalt Paving

Our professional paving teams have decades of experience in a wide variety of asphalt paving projects ranging from residential paving services to commercial sealcoating. We have the tools and technique to take on paving jobs of any size. Whether you’re a Maryland homeowner looking to have the perfect driveway finally installed, or a Department of Transportation representative seeking a team that can handle building roadways to serve all of America, Tristate paving is your go-to paving company if you want the job done affordably, and done well.

High-Quality Concrete Services

Tristate paving offers an incredible variety of concrete installation and repair services including simple and sturdy flatwork, decorative concrete flats and walkways, curbs, gutters, beautiful new concrete steps, and slab-jack repair. Our experienced concrete installation and repair teams have what it takes to build the concrete pool deck of your dreams, or to refinish your office’s parking lot into one you’ve always wanted. Tristate paving is simply unbeatable when it comes to quality concrete work, in both price and quality.

Amazing Hardscaping

At Tristate paving we’re also well-versed in the art of hardscaping and can provide invaluable consultation on projects that will maximize your home’s beauty at a price you can afford. We have a long history of building exceptional stone steps, walkways, patios, columns, fire pits, walls, and much more. Hardscape design and installation is a crucial part of giving your home or office a look that emanates quality and success. The professionals at Tristate paving have what it takes to handle any decorative hardscaping project to provide you with a yard you can be proud of.

Tristate Paving is All About Excellence

At Tristate Paving there’s one thing we care about more than excellent paving, concrete, and masonry work: Your satisfaction. We’re not in this business to make a quick buck, or sell you on services you don’t need. We’re here to help you find a solution that’s right for you, at a price you can afford. Simple, straightforward, and reliable service, that’s our guarantee. Our area numbers are:

West Chester: 610.563.9456

Oxford: 610.932.3566

Delaware: 302.757.4100

Check back here for weekly updates on current projects, important paving facts and info, and smart ideas for homeowners interested in concrete, asphalt or hardscaping work.

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